Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The haunted house

Ok, ok, I am SO sorry for not doing a more complete blog yesterday... it's unforgiveable I know. As all my secondary school teachers would surely be saying now: "Arctic Fox is capable of so much more.... must try harder!!". So, what happened? Carnage, that's what. Yesterday went along the lines of: 3 hours at work... came home with some pals from work (Jace, Stu, and Don), had a couple of beers, some fish and chips, played some Donkey Konga - waited for Don to come out of the shower. Duncs came round and we set off into town. Met Emma, Dawn, and Gary in town. Got a bit plastered and a bit.... well you know.... "loved up"!! The night was going swingingly well, until the box of my shadowy past presented itself in front of me.... dark ghosts from the past quickly descended and made for a very odd evening. I'm not gonna go into the details of my shadowy past, nor the details of my specific ghosts, for fear of upsetting and/or offending anyone who wanders into my blog. We bundled a very drunk Emma into a taxi with Dawn (who, it transpires, used to deliver my Beano and Dandy when I was a kid). The rest of us came back to my house, and I got Michelle out of bed.... we stayed up chattin' and smoking and drinking copious quantities of Viper until about 4am. I also went to hospital for a check up on my removed cyst... gotta go back in a year now!!! Today... I am paying the price... depression dark and deep, stomach of pure acid, all manner of substance leaking from every pore. I desperately tried to rehydrate, and flex my quads... I know the girls love 'em!! Went on a bit of a random bike ride - new seat position has proved to be a marked success - less effort, more reward, new muscles being worked. Very satisfactory until my gears went all wonky and I had to go back to the bike shop to get it fixed... oh well!! Rode about 11 or 12 miles. Thanks to Spicey for allowing me to call in at such short notice while my bike got sorted out. I like "Malcolm in the middle" - it makes me laugh, it's kinda like the Simpsons but with real people. Oh, my frikking aching body and soul.... every high surely has its low!! You would think I would learn. Gonna get a bath and watch a movie or two..... thanks fer lissening!! You know I ALWAYS have to put a link in.... check out my home town! Huddersfield Cam Archive of Cam pics (Thanks Spicey) Ornament of the week: Lucky feng shui beckoning cat - maneki neko

A ha ha HAAAA!!

Sup peeps! I was watching tv the other day and I saw the new peugeot 407 commercial. I really liked the song and googled for it. Don't you hate it when you watch tv and the commercials have good songs you'll never find out how they're named?? (like the first mini Ipod commercial, not the one with the B.E.P. song). Anyway, so I found out the song isfrom a french group called "the film", song name's"Can you trust me?". Enjoy! Gaby.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tekstdeel COUNTING CROWS - All My Love (Richard Manuel Is Dead)

Well it was cold when i woke and the day was halfway done Nearly spring in San Francisco but I cannot feel the sun you were sleeping next to me but I knew that you'd be gone Take some time before you go think of monday's coming down and the people that you knew The ones that aren't around you've been fading day to day I've been moving town to town If I could give all my love to you I could justify myself but I'm just not coming through

Monday, November 07, 2005

Rockin with 3 Doors Down!

Last night was so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to the 3 Doors Down concert with Noah and was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! The ONLY way todoa concert right is like we did....UP FRONT AND AT THE CENTER OF THE STAGE!!! I mean, we were right there! the Silvertide singer came running down in front of us and stood on the barricade over was so cool!!!!!! Silvertide and Breaking Benjamin played there too......they were a WHOLE lot better than I expected...Silvertide really worked the crowdgood.....and Breaking Benjamin just had really good music..... I caught a guitar pick from the lead guitarist/singer of breaking benjamin!!! it was cool! Then 3 Doors Down came on....the set was amazing...there was like 3 huge gears or cogs or something that really spun onthe stage...and there was like ramps and stuff for the band to walk all over....they came on stage and everybody started smushing us to the barricade .... couldnt breathe lol...we screamed SO LOUD!!!they were awesome and put on a great show! i was so excited cuz they played almost all of my favorite songs...there were fireworks and explosions and just alot of fire on could feel the heat on your face! i was really sad when the concert was over...but i screamed really loud at the end so the drummer threw me one of his drumsticks and i caught it!!! the drummer was really good and used to play for Puddle of Mud but came to 3 D D......i have a picture ofthe stuff i caught lol... well.... to quote a 'famous' person...that was an awesome beyond awesome night!

Sunday, November 06, 2005


So I haven't written in here in a while except about my class schedule.... so what is goin on. Well pretty much just being bored, but I have made a large change in my life lately. As almost everyone knows... I was going to a baptist church. Well I liked the church and the leaders especially Pam she is awesome and I miss her SOOOO much. But it seemed like atleast once a month something happened that made it harder and harder for me to feel God's presence there. Well I was just dealing with it and trying to getthe most out of it for a while, but then me and tanya started going to church where justin and will and all them go on sunday nights. Their church was like an escape for me, and it seemed like God was right there the whole time and I didn't have to try so hard to feel him he was just there in me and filling the whole church. So we went on going to two churches for about a month until something else happened in my church that split up me and my friends and made the whole church hate me even though I did nothing so then I decided that I probably need to stay away from those people for a while. Tanya went to Mississippi and I started having justin and cassie take me to church with them, and i am soooo glad I did! I decided that when tanya came home I was going to tell her that I want to go to Bethel now. She kinda took it weird but shes okay with it so now me and her are going to two different churches and mine is assembly of God and hers is baptist but we don't care b/c we just want eachother to be happy and we need a little time apart anyway. So that is what is going on I am making great friends and getting a better relationship with God than I have ever had, it is so awesome. Anyway I was expecting everyone to be mad and to try to talk me out of it but when i tell people why and that I feel like this is what God told me to do they all respond in the same way by telling me whatever makes me happy is what I should do. I'm happy here but kinda scared that I don't have tanya to talk to about things when i need to b/c we have different views on things now, but its okay now b/c i can talk to cassie or justin or will or nathan or kelsie or ashley.... its never been likethis usually tanya is the ONLY one that knows when something is wrong with me but now I can talk to anyone if i need to. Anyway I need to go wake my daddy up and make him fix the washer so I will write later In his loving grip, ~Nikki~

the morning after

So many people see youBut no-one sees you like I doFor in the shadow of your lightFar away I sit and waitI need you - I need your lightFor from the shade I can't escapeYou see me not - you know me notBut yet I love you from afarEsteem you - worship youHope for you - desire youSense you - experience youAccompany you - exalt youCan't go on without youThis is the morning afterAnd my fallow soul lies waitingThis...A new day is beginningAnd time is tricking awayAll of this I write to youAnd still more would I sayIf I could put down into loveAll the suffering of my loveNot the message to lamentThese few lines to you I sendBut Just to say - I love youTonight these words will come to youI pray taht you will read them throughI'll wait for you at day's first lightWait to see your radiant lightI dream that you will see me soonThat you will kneel into the gloomAnd raise me to you in the light

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Please contact your churches and service groups

The following went into the bulletin at St. Michael the Archangel church last week. Please feel free to use this same format for your own church or service organization. Innovations Public Charter School is in the process of building its new school, all with community volunteers. If you would be able to help with this community project please call JoAnn Kaneshiro at 329 6188 or 938 9262. We need help with alll aspects of construction from general labor and clean up to painting, plumbing drywall and landscaping. You don't have to be skilled - just willing! Mahalo from the students of IPCS.

Friday, November 04, 2005

R@vE Party tonight

Port Dickson,Admiral Marina,i'm coming............... The ultimate beach party..........yahooooo................. iwant experience the movement!!!!!Discover the revelation!!!!!and get recharged Damn cool party!!!!!!!!!!!! iwant seehandsome boy~~~~~ iwant depart lohhhh...........

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cutest couples!

Hey people, this is ma cutiest couples list, if u have an idea of who would be a cute couple, just add a comment saying who is going out or who you think would be a cute couple. k? k, thanx.This is ma cutest couples list: Ellie K. & Whoever she likes! lol Rachel Z. & CJ A. Anna M. & Omarion Hailey P. &Peyton F. Jessy L. & Matt V...!!!!!(Not small wood/lol jk jessy!) Olivia H.and Grant Q. Kylie F. and Joe F. Logan P. andJeff C. Caitlin G. and Jeremy S. Samantha J. and Robert W. Katie S. and Tyler O. Veronica P. and James S. Leslie S. and Brandon M. Ana R. & Ryan H. (give her some credit...she deserves it lol) Lindsey T. & Paul D. Kelsey H.& Aiden C. Ty P. and pasgasandgo (NOTE:pasgasandgo and ty are the same people, he is gender confoozed) (srry ty blame Olivia...HAHA jk) Nick J. and Ariel (eighth grader!) Baylee S.&Usher! Rachel Z.& Nicky N. Jaime E. & Dogs Key: Girls Not sure?? HE-SHE? IT? Boys (or weird girl) Dont think they have n e body like them in the world! TALK ABOUT SPECIAL/ONE OF A KIND! Already a Couple Ok i'll write later im srry, but i g2g do ma hw soon, So remember: 1. Write a comment if u have an idea for a cute couple. 2. If you know of a cute couple that GOES TO CKMS tell ma here, on messenger, or at school. And 3. Give me GOOD feed back. WAIT! 4. I restrict Rachel Zmackfrom viewing this page...THANK YOU(NEON ORANGE!!!! lol)